Task Report 2013


The Ozone Chabre Open 2013: results
Looking towards Italy
Looking towards Italy, flying high over St Vincent.

The week before the competition was generally tricky conditions with winds from the North. A few fantastic days in St Vincent and a couple from Bergies kept the pilots happy. Well done to James Taylor flying 105km down to Moustiers to the South of us; not a normal place to fly to from here.

Friday night saw the usual GPS talk and Introduction to competitions to a full marquee; some old faces and some new... ready to go.





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Day 0, Task 0, Saturday June 29, the practice day.

The usual Practice task had to be missed today due to howling winds.

We had the mandatory safety briefing at 9:30 followed by a GPS exercise around the campground. The Garmin users got confused, whilst those using the smarter instruments were seen running and bicycling over the grass trying to activate the route. Most funny.

Jocky Sanderson tonight talking about thermal flying followed by some welcome drinks and snacks. Yum.

Day 1, Task1, Sunday June 30, Great. At midnight the gale suddenly stopped and we could walk straight again (except for those still drinking).

The morning saw wall to wall sunshine and blue skies. Predicted winds from the North West steadily dropping and maybe changing direction throughout the day. Setting the task will be fun.. we'll wait and see.

We all went to Bergies out an hour to the west. The wind was light and coming up both sides of the hill. A 40km Elapsed time race to goal was set via 2 turnpoints to Camping Laragne. The start of speed was set 7km form launch to give a chance for piolots to get high before the speed section.

The day was funtastic. Beautiful climbs, some strong but very smooth.

The later pilots had, predictably, a slightly easier run, but most of the peaks were working well all day.

Robert Mepham was first in goal onbaord his Advance Sigma 8 in just about 1 hour and 32 pilots made goal, well done. Many, unfortunately, dropped just short as the headwind took its toll. More speed bar required chaps.

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Looking towards Italy
Looking down at Bergies launch soon after opening


















Day 2, Task2, Monday July 1. Fabtastic

Blue sky and light winds from the South. I don't want to jinx the day, but it does look good.

On Chabre it took a while for any clouds to appear but there was early cloud development to the North over the big mountains and a forecast threatening possible storms. With that in mind a 51km Race to Aspres via 5 turnpoints was set.

Start was at 14:15 4.5km from Orpierres after flying 5km down to Col St Ange and back to launch. Nearly a hundred pilots were jostling for position at 2600m and the start was spectacular. The race over Orpierre and to the east end of the volcano then to Aspres antennas and in to goal.

Mike Hollinshead on his Advance Omega8 was first in goal, followed by 70 other pilots.

It was a fast task, but great to see so many in goal.

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Looking towards Italy
flying heading east along the course



















Day 3, Task3, Tuesday July 2, Some clouds. The forecast was for less cloud and light southerly winds.. but that didn't happen. Up on launch, after a bout of cirrus keeping us cool, the blue sky appeared and the clouds were popping up North. Finally a 46km race to Aspres was set around a different route to yesterday.

Start was completely different to yesterday: Less cloud and pilots scattered everywhere.. low.. high.. far and near. 15km of wind from the south made the first turn point at Col St Ange a little tricky. Clouds were developing over the course line to Beaumont and beyond as the start opened and the field shot downwind. The clouds were significant very quickly causing some consternation amongst the safety comittee, but they were never unavoidable and the task ran to completion.

Christoph Burger on board his Ozone Delta2 won the day, followed closely by another 47 pilots. Another goal fest. Fantastic. The day was strong in places and a bit rowdy and challenging after being spoilt with beautiful conditions for the previous 2 days.

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Day 4, Wednesday July 3, Rain.

Looking towards Italy
cruising to goal at Aspres

Last night we drank to the weather gods in Ribiers for the annual Pizza and Paella night, dancing in the village square with a local band. But...

Today we have a day off. It started raining early in the morning with a slight possibility of flying later. It didn't look like there was a possibility of it getting good enough to task so the day has been cancelled.

Talks by Jocky on SIV and safety in the morning and task debrief and Cross Country top ten storied by Ed Ewing tonight.









Day 5, Thursday July 4, Wind.

A tough call today.. the decision was made. After rebriefing at 12:00 it was decided not to run a task. Lots of folks went to St Vincent le Fort but it was a tad windy even there. It was the right call.

In the evening the Ozone team faced questions from the pilots. It was, as ever, an interesting discussion.


Day 6, Friday July 5, last day.

Blue sky and smiley faces. Though it could have been easier.
The forecast predicted a lot of cloud, and combined with the light North wind convinced us to go to Bergies.

With a task set and seconds before the launch opened we stood down due to the West wind coming across launch. It was considered unwise to launch the comp cross wind and we had to move to Buc.

Finally ready to go at 15:20 we launched doing the original task: about 50km to Veynes via Orpierre.

Very light climbs turned into good climbs and the clouds looked great. It was not to be. The wind didn't turn southerly and it was quite a battle to head North. 4 Pilots made it into goal; bravo.

Hans Ter Mart won the day on board his Nova Triton C.

We are just waiting for final glitches before finalising the results.

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So the 8th Chabre open finishes after 4 tasks. We will be dancing and celebrating into the early hours. See you next year.


Task reports by Mark Graham