Task Report 2011 The Ozone Chabre Open 2011: results
Team Ozone
Photo Ed Ewing

The week before the competition was unusually wet, though the weeks before that were stunningly good.

By Friday many competition pilots had arrived and rego was alomost glitchless.

Keep watching this page as the event develops.

Friday night saw the usual GPS talk and Introduction to competitions to a full marquee.






Photos by Tony Blacker


Day 0, Task 0, Saturday June 4, the practice day.

Practice Task

Just to follow tradition, The practice day was optional but open to all competitors. It was well subscribed with many showing-up to the morning briefing at 9:30.

The forecast was for lots of cloud, storms and hail. On the good side it wasn't windy.

After some hesitation and some sky watching we decided to ignore the forecast and go up the hill, knowing that any window of opportunity would be brief.

On launch the sky was developing and a free-flying task was set. No timings, just go and fly. A turnpoint was set on Rocher de Garde, then to Lac de Riou, then to Camping. It was to be a fun day but still good to practice thermalling in gaggles and some waypoints.

The early launchers found light conditions and unfortunately many went down albeit slowly. As always happens, a few of those made it on course but actually flew down the ridge to bag an extra waypoint. More launchers, as the conditions improved, and more got on course and crossed the valley with less height than would normally be required. Light thermals on the Orpierre ridge saw climbs to 1800m making the next valley crossing achievable, just. More light thermals at the volcano saw the first gliders setting-up for the glide to goal.

Unfortunately the clouds were getting really big to the south and some rain coming in from the East meant the task needed stopping. It was a good call, as the rain started a little later.

Everyone was happy to have had a fly despite the forecast's doom and gloom.

Not the best forecast


Day 1, Sunday June 5, No task.

Today the forecast was super bad. No task.











Practice TaskDay 2, Task 1, Monday June 6.

Its a sunny morning, some wet clouds on the hills, and its sunny. We have a reasonable forecast, lets hope for a task. Did I mention it was sunny?

The day worked a little in reverse. Big clouds in the morning to the South and East and very little wind. Gradually the clouds broke-up and a task was set. Unfortunately the clouds were still too big to go as far West as we wanted so the task was shortened at the last minute to keep clear of the developement.

The task was a 26km elapsed time starting at 12:45, around Col St Ange, East end of St Genis and goal in camping.

The early launchers found steady climbs to 2000m with buoyant glides to the first turnpoint. Most went North to Orpierre, a little off route but with a good cloud and good climbs to 2200m. Some others went back towards launch and then took a direct route to St Genis; a very brave move that paid off and they got the lead. Meanwhile the clouds got very big over the first turnpoint before falling apart quite a while later.

The pilots on St Genis found some south wind and needed to dolphin along the cliffs to the waypoint at the end. With the south wind it was always going to be difficult going headwind into goal, a good climb was required to get enough height. A few of the early pilots made goal, though some dropped-short. As the day went on more pilots got around the course and by the end 30 made goal.

14 Goal virgins, winners, losers and some others were given Ozone day prizes. It turned out to be a good day.

The day was won by Hans Ter Maat on his Nova Triton, followed by Sander De Lepper (Mantra M4) and Gavin Foster (Omega 8). Well done to everyone who had a fun day.

Here's a video of the day, thanks to Jos Vermeulen





Photos by Tony Blacker




Photos by Mark Graham

Day 3, Tuesday June 7, No Task.

Its a very grey day. The forecast is not very clever, but they seem to be changing it every few minutes... not that the greyness is moving very fast. We were waiting for a re-briefing at 12:00 and then the day was cancelled. Pizza and Paella tonight in Ribiers.

Here's a video of the pizza fest, thanks to Jos Vermeulen


Day 4, Wednesday June 8, No Task

Drinking to the weather gods last night in Ribiers, with Pizza and Paella thrown in to the mix. It may have worked.

Forecast wind from the North to North West means a trip to Bergies or Buc. Its a short journey and usually means coming back towards Laragne to land at Camping or Ribiers.

Cold wind and lots of cloud on launch at Bergies. The clouds all around were very threatening so a short task was set to Ribiers via Mison, about 29km. We waited for cloud base to lift but along with that there were storms to the south.

Eventually the task was cancelled as the wind was picking-up on launch. Free flying took over. A few did the task, a few didn't like the conditions and didn't launch. The majority had a fly and landed a few climbs down the valley.

A good call... no task but everyone got a fly who needed to fill their boots.

Here's a video of the day, thanks to Jos Vermeulen



Day 5, Thursday June 9, No Task We woke to blue skies and pilots queueing behind the buses, raring to go.

A quick briefing, and a new waypoint to confuse everyone, then straight off to Bergies.

We arrived on Bergies pretty early and set a 58km task to Oraison goal. The air was electric with excitement.

Then wait for the wind to die down. We waited; the lulls were fine, the gusts were strong. We waited. After some chat, some sun bathing, some snoozing, some snacking, we had to cancel the day due to strong gusts.

Some of us went for a stroll / hike to Buc launch whilst some kind drivers delivered our gliders to us. But the wind was still too much, worse even. So we walked down and took the buses home.

Jocky did an evening session showing a trailer of Security in Flight 2 and a talk about SIV. Then Ozone test pilot and general mega-god Russell Ogden spoke about Glider design and testing.



Here's more from Jos's IPhone, thanks again


Day 6, Friday June 9, Final day

Oh for an easy decision. One forecast for North wind, one for West wind, one for South West. Decision time is approaching... Chabre or Bergies or Buc. You never know, they may all be good!

We went to Buc. By the time we got there it was totally cloudy. So to pass some time we walked to the top, without gliders, which was lovely (but sweaty).

The locals were saying it would improve. It did, slowly, blue sky approaching from the West.

The task was set, Laragne camping via mison at 33km. The launch opened, with a little sun and lots of cloud, only one launched (hooray for ED).... and got up! So more launched, then more and more.

Even though the sky looked unimpressive, the climbs were sometimes good (5m/s) and cloudbase was high (2500m) and it was cold (that's a good thing).

Over 30 got to goal in very quick times. It was one of the better tasks and for the final day was a great bonus.


One last vid from Jos Vermeulen


Competition results

Task reports by Mark Graham