Ozone Chabre Open 2015

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Let the contest begin
The 10th Ozone Chabre Open is finished.

Not a drop of rain, wall to wall sunshine and super hot. We managed 4 tasks all of which were interesting challenging and fun.

Prizes were given by Ozone, Cross Country Magazine and Eagles Alpine Soaring Academy. Everyone gets an Ozone rucksack full of goodies including hoody, gilet, wash bag, T shirt, Wallet, Beany hat, glossy flying book and more.

After the meal was the fabulous prize draw. This year's glider winner was Andrew Williams.. yes the same man who won the competition. Happy he was, but has decided to auction the glider and donate the money to charity: For Parkinsons research. What a star.

The band Crazy Love Blonde played late into the night.

Ozone Glider Winner

Andrew Williams.

1. Andrew Williams (Gin Carrera+)
2. Jens Cullman (Ozone Mantra6)
3. Hugh Burnaby Atkins (Advance Sigma9)

1. Jens Cullman (Ozone Mantra6)
2. Luc De Meester (Ozone Mantra6)
3. Jan Dekker (Ozone Mantra6)

Sports Class
1. Hugh Burnaby-Atkins (Advance Sigma9)
2. Anders Gustavsson (Ozone Delta2)
3. Steve Newcombe (Ozone Delta2)

Recreation Class
1. Andrew Williams (Gin Carrera+)
2. Matthijs Derks (Nova Mentor2)
3. Olivier Bedu (Skywalk Chili3)

1. Andrew Williams (Gin Carrera+)
2. Matthijs Derks (Nova Mentor2)
3. Anders Gustavsson (Ozone Delta2)

1. Catherine Bartholdi (Ozone Alpina 2)
2. Verena Puttrich (Ozone Mantra6)
3. Ella Pyrah (Ozone Alpina2)

Top Team
The Brotherhood of Global Harmony:
Andrew Williams (Gin Carrera+)
Mark Graham (Ozone Delta2)
Felix Clissa (Niviuk Artik4)
Chris Hines (Ozone Delta2)


Thanks to Martijn van Dijk for the photos.




Glider Winner 
Andrew Williams winner of the Ozone Glider Raffle.  


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