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Update on the Results

Unfortunately, first placed pilot, Mark Graham learnt just after the comp, that there was a delay in the final paperwork for the certification of his glider, the Axis Vega III (EN C).  Winning pilot, Mark Graham was under the impression that everything was in good order.  But it seems the final certificate had not been issued, even though the Vega III has passed all its test and is destined to be a certified glider very soon. As a firm believer in the Ozone Chabre Open being a competition for purely certified gliders, Mark has asked to be withdrawn from the rankings.

Therefore we have adjusted the final competition results as follows:

Overall winner: Fredrik Angrimer (Ozone Addict 2)

2nd overall: Jeremy Thwaites (Advance Sigma 7)

3rd overall: Chavert Ter Maat (Nova Tycoon)

Below you will find the results and reports.

With the emphasis again on a safe, fun and friendly competition, the Ozone Chabre Open is organised as a Serial class event. The emphasis is on glider classes.

Rookies winner: Mark Remnant (Advance Sigma 7) followed by Raphael Remy-Paquay (Gradient Aspen 2) and Ken Cole (Gradient Avax Xc2)

Womens winner: Randi Eriksen (Gradient Aspen 3) followed by Karen Thorpe (Ozone Rush) and Catherine Bartholdi (Ozone Rush 2)

EN B winner: Joel Bonvin (Aircross Ufly) followed by Karen Thorpe (Ozone Rush) and Catherine Bartholdi (Ozone Rush 2)

EN C winner: Fredrik Angrimer (Ozone Addict 2) followed by Jeremy Thwaites (Advance Sigma 7) and Randi Eriksen (Gradient Aspen 3)

X Class winner: Mark Graham (Axis Vega III) followed by Chavert Ter Maat (Nova Tycoon) and Gavin Foster (Advance Omega 7)

Sailplane flight for overall winner. The 2010 overall prize went to Fredrick Angrimer on his Ozone Addict 2. The sailplane flight is donated by long-term sponsor Quo Vadis.

Second overall was Jeremy Thwaites (Advance Sigma 7) and third Chavert Ter Maat (Nova Tycoon).
Chavert Ter Maar wins an Ozone GliderChavert Ter Maart won the first prize in the 2010 prize draw.

Just like 2008 there were numerous prizes given out at the presentation night, generously donated by Ozone. The draw went on for 30 minutes, non stop prizes as pilot after pilot chose their goodies.

The Rocket band were sensational, the dancing went on into the early hours.


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