Ozone Chabre Open 2007 Competition 2007 Programme of events
The competition is Finished.
Below are the results and report.

120 pilots from around the globe came to partake of the third Ozone Laragne Open. There were a few good pilots and a few inexperienced pilots. All were welcome. The conditions weren't as good as last year but still many were goal virgins and many made personal bests.

With the emphasis again on a safe, fun and friendly competition, the Ozone Chabre Open was organised as a Serial class event. The emphasis was on DHV classes, so there were winners for DHV 1s and 1/2s, 2s and 2/3s as well as for inexperienced 'rookies' and women.

Sailplane flight for overall winner The overall prize went to Etienne Coupez. Etienne flew consistently well in all of the tasks aboard his Tycoon. Second was Ruud Van der Heijden aboard his Mantra M2, and Third was Stefan Werner aboard his Sigma 6.
Anthony Eaton Wins an Ozone Glider The final night prizegiving, meal and party was made very interesting again this year by the free prize draw for all pilots. Anthony Eaton was the first name out of the hat and won a free Ozone Ultralight glider and Oxygen 1 harness weighing 4kgs! There were many more prizes drawn, generously donated by Ozone.
Extra Terrestrial Activities

Throughout the week evening activities were organised. After each task Jocky Sanderson worked through the task debrief, using 3d track logs of the day. Every night ended with questions and answers.

One night Mark Hayman spoke about his rise in the British competition scene and his bid for the British team and world domination. Once he started talking it was hard to stop him; a very informative and enjoyable evening.

Midweek the village of Ribiers, one of the sponsors of the comp, hosted a Pizza and Paella night in the town square. There was too much to eat, just like last year and the year before. Xavier Murillo went through a slide show of last week's World cup in Ager and Felix Rodriguez showed us some stunning footage of infinity tumbles, most of which were perfectly executed. The music went on 'till late.

The Morrocan Lamb Caserol with Cous Cous followed by a local Band turned into a ball. We danced 'till we dropped to oldies music. The Ozone giant inflatable took a hammering as the tequila girls threw themselves on it and from it... you had to be there.

Finally the final night party and prizegiving. The pilot's prize draw saw more prizes than you could shake a stick at. The disco went on until late, and we'll all be back next year.

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