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The Airspace near Laragne Chabre consists of the R71 Salon area which can be active from Monday to Friday and has a vertical limit of FL075 which is approximately 2286m. This is a training area for the French Military.It is not active at weekends.

At weekends and bank holidays and days when R71 is confirmed as inactive, the airspace limit is FL115 (3500m)





Waypoints for the 21st FAI World Hang Gliding Class 2 Championship Download Here

Waypoints for the French Open 2022 Download Here


2022 Waypoints for the Ozone Chabre Open in various formats can be downloaded here


Waypoints in various formats for Hang Gliding Competitions. Contains zip for Laragne Chabre only or Combined Laragne/St Andre zip.

Download files here




Ozone Chabre Open  (opens in new window)



Southern Alps Chabre and St Andre  (opens in new window)


WayPoint Map for Ozone Chabre Open 2022

WayPoint Map for Hang Gliding Competitions Chabre and Saint Andre


General Airspace


This is a general overview of the Airspace

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